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Business networking can be a time suck when you don’t do it properly. You can actually do more damage to your business by showing up in the wrong way, to the wrong places, expecting the wrong results. Do any of these 5 reasons that are wasting your time networking resonate?

1. You’re going to the wrong networking events. You’ve got to know exactly who your prime prospect is and then go to rooms where they hang out.

2. You are stuck in a rut. Every time you step out the door it’s a mundane experience. Same people, same boring conversations and same lack of results. It’s time to shake it up – for your sake and your networks’ sake. You’ll bring more value to relationships when you have new fresh connections.

3. You never get beyond the superficial. Superficial schmoozing means your business is losing. You need to go deeper than the weather and how busy you are to create profitable and fulfilling relationships in business.

4. You’re looking for the immediate fix. Walking into an event expecting to hook, line and sinker your next client is setting yourself up for failure. Growing your brand profile, goodwill and influence is a long-term investment, not a one night stand.

5. You forget to follow up. The biggest sabotaging technique there is – not reconnecting with new found prospects. You’ve done the hard part – gotten in front of the right person – then you drop the ball on the next step. Why? Learn how to follow up effectively to make it easy!

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