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The 5 Ways You’re Losing Sales

Are you feeling frustrated with the number of sales you’re closing. People who close a lot of sales do so because they take their time and truly understand a prospects problems then swoop in as the hero by providing the solution. If you’re doing any of these 5 common mistakes then you’ll lose more sales than you close. 🙁

1. You don’t listen to what the prospect is really saying. Everyone thinks they are a great listener – unfortunately, that’s not true. Exhausting your prospect by talking way too much is a sure-fire way to lose a sale.

2. You’re selling to the wrong person. In order to make a big sale, you need access to the decision maker aka the person who can pay your invoice. Save your breath!

3. Your pitch is all wrong. It’s easy to talk at a prospect about all the features you offer. Instead, talk in terms of solutions to their problems and cover not just the benefits, but the benefit of the benefits.

4. You don’t ask for the business. At some point you have to just ask a very specific question. Match it to your personality and ask for the sale confidently.

5. You talk too soon. After you ask for the sale stop talking! Embrace the silence. The person who speaks first loses share of wallet.


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