Married My Mom and Birthed A Dog

How to be Resilient When Life Sucks!

This book will show you how to bounce back no matter what’s coming at you!

Feeling overwhelmed by everything that is coming at you? This is about opening a raw, athentic conversation about the collision between who you are personally and how you show up professionally.  I want to ensure you have the tools to bounce back from tough times, even faster than I did!

Throughout this book I share the formula I used to become a Resiliency Ninja throughout my decade of hell! I pull back the curtain – without painting the typical rosey picture – so you know you’re not alone, even if right now you feel like the tough stuff is winning the battle you fight in the shadows.

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A thought provoking account of one woman’s path from stuck to success. Allison clearly spells out how the reader can too become a resiliency ninja. Actionable and insightful, a delightful book for every person who is seeking.

Kelsey Ramsden

“The chapter that really resonated with me was Vertical Equals Superstar Status. As a millennial and business school grad (feel free to use one, or the other, or both) I have always focused on the big audacious goals. My life has thrown me serious challenges, and the high expectations I set out for myself made getting through those challenges even more daunting. Allison shifted my thinking- focus on the immediate ‘mediocre’ goals and release the internal judgement. This (paradigm or conceptual… I couldn’t figure out what word I wanted to use) shift has allowed me to further advance my career- and has made me more confident about making the big goals a reality.”

Peter Markvoort

Love this book! Inspiring and will help many others who struggle with challenges and ongoing negative thinking patterns. 

Married My Mom Birthed a Dog is a very powerful book about life, careers, and the power of zest and resilience. Too often, the glossy stories of business and community leaders in any industry lead us to forget that life is messy and filled with tough decisions and trade-offs. Through her engaging writing style, Allison Graham strikes the right balance between inspiration and humour as she recounts the joys and challenges she has faced as a professional. Throughout her book, Graham lets us in on her thoughts and on how she never ceases to keep ‘being persistent’ despite pressure from her friends and family, and the implicit social norms around her. An open account she offers on her journey using therapy, medication, and a good dose of determination to reach a stable sense of joy are inspirational and liberating.  Married My Mom Birthed A Dog is a resilience gem and a wonderful gift to all women and men who want to forge their own definition of happiness and success.

Jennifer Jimbere

President , Jimbere Coaching and Consulting

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