Mastering Business Development & Revenue Generation for Professional Service Providers, Spring BOOT CAMP

Let’s admit it, you’re brilliant. 

When it comes to delivering work, you know what you’re doing and are learning even more every day. 

As a young professional, you’ve done everything right. You got the grades at school. You earned your way into your firm of choice and you are committed to becoming partner, sooner rather than later. 

As a business owner, you've surpassed others already. You've created a service you know will help others and are passionate about what you have to offer.

The problem? 

You need to sell. You need to network. 

And, if you’re like most accountants, lawyers, financial experts - or really any service provider - you’d prefer to serve clients than find them!  

Unlike a firm’s partner track program or business degrees, which generally cover a wide-array of topics, my Fast-Track to the TOP Spring Boot Camp is 100% devoted to sales and profitable networking.  

The tools I’ll share with you over the 90-days are proven and are easy-to-apply. They are the foundational perspectives and techniques you need for a successful career. Without them, no sales and networking procedures that the firm teaches will achieve the results you want, fast enough!

That's why I am offering you this training program...so you get intensive, quality focused information that will lead to results! 

What Will You Know By the End of the Elevate Biz Boot Camp for Professional Service Providers? 

These 7 priorities are the foundation of what you can expect to learn during our sessions. Over the course of 90 days, you'll be invited to 4 in-person training sessions, 3 group coaching calls and have unlimited email support from me. You'll have exercises to apply how the concepts work for you in between the training.

You'll learn: 

  • The 5 most powerful questions to ask a prospect so they want to do business with you. 
  • The 3 best strategies to seamlessly integrate business development into your over-loaded schedule and on a tight budget. 
  • The secret technique that will set you apart from your competition and how to master it. 
  • Exactly where professional sales opportunities are lost and how to avoid those traps so you can generate more revenue. 
  • How to walk into a networking event with absolute confidence and simple-to-use strategies that will ensure you don’t waste time and money schmoozing.
  • Comfortable conversation skills to convert new connections into prospects then into clients, without engaging in annoying small talk. 
  • How to benchmark your business development path in the coming years to help you reach partner even faster! 

PLUS, you’ll have developed a powerful army of allies of like-minded future leaders in the industry. 

As you can see…this really is an intense boot camp and you are going to learn A LOT of techniques that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll learn everything you need to catapult your career by becoming a master at developing business so you can make partner in record time! 

If you bring revenue into the firm, you will always win over someone who is “just” talented at their job. Once you learn these skills, you’ll forever change the way you approach networking and business development. 

Steve Bolton Libro

"Allison is a dynamic speaker who brings context to what it takes to build profitable relationships and earn new sales in today’s market!"

Steve Bolton, Head Coach, President & CEO, Libro Financial Group

The reason I started Elevate Biz over 10 years ago, was because professionals continually shared with me that it feels daunting to find, sell and close new clients.

Can you relate?

They would tell me things like…

....I feel uncomfortable using old-school sales techniques that worked for my mentors and the senior partners when they launched their practices, but aren’t working for me in today’s over-crowded market. 

....I go to these boring dinners and events and they are a waste of time. I rarely talk with anyone new or get any leads. My colleagues and I usually just talk to each other and it seems like everyone else already knows each other, so I feel like an outcast. 

....The clients I want don’t take me seriously because they only want to work with the senior partners. 

.... I wish I could just focus on learning my craft and not having to bring new clients into the firm to be considered for partner. 

.... I can’t figure out where to go to meet the right people so I feel like I’m wasting my time networking. I’m too busy already. 

Do these challenges seem familiar to you? If so, you’re not alone. 

Time and time again my content has proven to help people get over their fear of sales and master the process of developing valuable business leads and generating revenue.

The Elevate Biz® materials take a fresh look at these topics to give you adaptable, practical solutions to the complex issue of client acquisition. Despite any frustration you’ve had with sales until now, I can assure you there is a way to sell authentically, with integrity, and in a way that aligns with your personality. 

The answers are in my Fast-Track to Partner 90-Day Boot Camp to Master Sales for Professional Service Providers. 

This training is exclusively for talented emerging leaders in the services industry, for example:

  • accounting 
  • legal 
  • financial industries
  • consultants
  • small business owners


and, applies if, you love the work you do, but find the idea of meeting, selling and closing new clients intimidating or confusing. 

What are others saying about my training?

“Allison Graham's fresh perspective gave our partners and associates new tools and frameworks to incorporate specifically tailored business development activities to grow our thriving legal practice.

Allison's efforts to understand our unique sales environment was evident and her willingness to answer questions from the audience added a level of spontaneity that showcased her depth of expertise in this area.”

Rosa Lupo, Partner, Gowling WLG

Rosa Lupo
Justine Zavitz Zavitz Insurance

“Allison’s workshops launched my professional life. She taught me how to network the right way and inspired me to love sales!”

Justine Zavitz, Zavitz Insurance Group

“I’ve recommended Allison numerous times to my own clients and colleagues because I believe so strongly in her message. 

I’ve been developing business for decades and find that Allison has the insights and finesse to put into words what makes someone successful so you can get immediate results. 

Her theories are based on her own success and will make business development easy for you. You just have to do what she says to do."

David Renwick, KPMG

“Allison was consistently rated a top speaker in the 18 month training program due to her dynamism and confidence as a speaker. As well, the relevancy of the content still resonates for anybody looking to improve networking skills to help create demand for their business card leading to the desired follow-up meeting outside of the networking event."

Scott Falconer, Performance Coach, The Oechsli Institute | 2002-2011 Investment Advisor Training & Development BMO Nesbitt Burns

A little about me, Allison Graham

When we’re together, I’ll share the story of how Elevate Biz came to be in 2006. It was then that I committed to helping professionals double their business through sales and networking mastery. I never want someone to not reach their potential because they don’t have the right connections or feel uncomfortable with sales. 

I love to share my signature frameworks, the Evolution of Profitable Networking, the Sweet Spot of Profitable Activity and the Infinite Sales Sequence. Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of North America’s most influential brands, and am thrilled to bring this vast knowledge of what makes sales happen, to you in this 90-Day Intensive. 

I wrote the bestselling book From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding and Profitable Networking Made Easy! (Wiley 2012). 

Most weeks you’ll find me on the highway or in an airport as I speak to audiences throughout North America and am interviewed by various media outlets such as the Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Fast Company, Investment Executive, Huffington Post and The Bottom Line.  

Every week you can hear me on AM980 as I share the business lessons from the big business headlines.  

The latest addition to my work is showing people how to become a Resiliency Ninja - an important skill to master sales!

Here are the details you need to know...

You'll get...

  • 4 in-person group power training sesssions (Innovation Works, 201 King Street, London, ON)
  • 3 group coaching calls
  • unlimited email support
  • all training materials
  • meals on site for power training sessions
  • an acountability partner from the group
  • a copy of my book, From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding & Profitable Networking Made Easy!

for ONLY $2500 + HST

(or bring a colleague $4000 for 2 passes!)

* limited enrolment available so book early to avoid disappointment 


While I can’t guarantee your career outcome, I can guarantee that I am fully committed to providing a comprehensive program to teach you proven processes to successfully sell and network as a professional service provider. 

If you do not believe you’ve received the value of the entire fee by the end of the first in-person training session, then I will refund your fee in full. I’m that confident in my material and what it can do for you!

So you've decided you're IN, what's next?


All you have to do is click on one of the many yellow buttons above to reserve your spot.

You'll enter your contact details first, then you'll be taken to a formal enrolment page where you can make your payment online using PayPal or a credit card or choose to have your firm invoiced. 

You'll receive email confirmation with important dates and some preliminary questions to complete before launch.

Bring a notepad, an open and eager mind and be ready to have some fun and begin your journey to sales and marketing mastery! 

I look foward to being a part of your journey. 

Allison, 519-851-9275

You deserve to make partner and skyrocket your top-line revenue...let's make you a master at sales and networking so you can get there, even faster! I can't wait to work with you.

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