The quintessential marketing campaign: UnMarketing.

It has led to over 61,500 people following the Twandle@UnMarketing on Twitter. The popularity led to a deal from Wiley for the about-to-be-released book called UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

Anticipation of the book’s release has led to a 30-city North American UnBook UnTour. And, if you register by September 5th, you get to hear Scott Stratten, the magic behind the world of ‘UN speak’ at the upcoming UnEvent at the Delta London Armouries by visiting

Feeling confused? Don’t be. The message is simple.

UnMarketing is simply Stratten’s way to say stop the hypocrisy in advertising and business development tactics. “We don’t like getting cold calls, but we try to sell by cold calling. Marketing is not a task. Marketing is not a department. It’s what we do every time we interact with someone. If you believe business is built on relationships, then make building relationships your business.”

Whatever platform you choose, be it Twitter, Facebook, blogging or one of the umpteen other options available, Stratten recommends that people focus on one and grow it. This theory is controversial in the world of online positioning as there are many who believe you can build a bigger following by engaging in multiple platforms.

For Stratten his strategy worked and he feels the UnBook UnTour is the ultimate case study. If the book sells and the tour happens, then harnessing the power of a community launched and built on one platform works. He didn’t even start blogging until he had 20,000 followers on Twitter. The difference? His first blog post had 10,000 views rather than what he imagines would have been two viewers – him and his mom.

When he decided to focus on Twitter as his platform, he committed to 30 days of interactive tweeting at the beginning of 2009. Each day he created three to five stand alone tweets that communicated something of value and engaged in dialogue with others online. Until that point he had attracted 1,200 followers over eight months. By month end, he had grown his followers list to 10,000.

Using an online tool called he was able to ascertain that of his first 50,000 tweets, Arrow-Up-475% were conversational. “It’s critical to build your social currency online. You can’t join today and ask people to support you tomorrow. To be successful you need to build capital by contributing your time, your knowledge and energy before you promote yourself.”

The same principles apply regardless of your platform. He sees online networking as a way to feed the in-person efforts. When you’ve been talking with people online for months, a networking event or conference becomes more of a reunion than a challenging exercise of cold introductions.

In the next few months he’ll embark onthe UnTour. Since publisher-funded book tours have gone by the wayside for all but the best sellers, the challenge for new authors is to figure out how to attract enough interest during a book tour to make it worthwhile. Stratten turned to his online-community, promising to speak at any event in any city as long as organizers pre-ordered 100 books and covered his travel expenses. That meant he didn’t choose the cities to visit; the people in those cities chose him. That’s how the UnEvent in London was launched.