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5 More Ways You’re Loosing Sales

There are so many reasons you could be losing sales. Here are 5 more common reasons I see all the time when I consult for my clients. Once you see your sabotaging patterns we can fix them and make you a master selling machine – even if you hate selling!

1. You try to close too soon. The best close is one that happens once you have a clear understanding of the prospects pain points and they understand how you can provide the solution to their problems, not when you think you’re done spewing out all your features.

2. You take too long to try to close. On the other hand, you can lose your time-to-close window if you don’t ask soon enough. Knowing when to ask takes sales savvy. Busy prospects are looking for action and results, not casual chit chat.

3. You aren’t clear on the problem you’re solving. What is driving your prospect to need you? Analyze what’s happening in their life that would motivate them to consider you and talk about that.

4. You’re unrealistic about what it takes to make a sale. People have options. They want to be engaged, not emailed relentlessly. You think inanimate marketing materials will make a sale for you, unfortunately, a piece of paper won’t do your selling for you.

5. You make it hard to buy from you. A confused mind will ignore you. How many hoops do they need to jump through to buy from you? How hard is it to move from prospect to client? Let’s fix your on-boarding process!

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